Lisa Hofmann
EVS volunteer

Born in 1992 I am from the post cold war generation. While my parents experienced the centralistic and limited Socialism of the DDR in Germany I grew up within all opportunities that a border-free European Union has to offer.

After high school I started to work voluntary in a local radio station that educates journalistic youngsters. The topics of my reportages had a wide range and the most interesting that this job offered to me is to get to know the stories of different people and surroundings that are usually unaccessible.

“The Personal is Political”

During that time I was studying political science and my friends asked me a bunch of questions like „Well, so you want to become the next Angela Merkel?“. But instead of going into politics I just wanted to understand the way how political systems work to be able to criticize them and create improvements. With words spoken from philosopher Simone de Beauvoir „the Personal is Political“ my personal concern is the protection of our nature. Protecting the human’s surrounding is the first step of protecting life itself. There is much insight and work that has to be done to make politics and people protecting their environment. The earlier the learning process startes the better will be the outcome.

To open the minds of young people with all the ideas of a peaceful and sustainable way of life for me individually and for a society IYNF is an appreciative organization to work on environmental issues practically. To be ecological ethical can be so easy, seen just through the words of humanist and nature friend Albert Schweitzer: „I am life, that wants to live, in the middle of life, that wants to live“.