Miriam Candelas
Networking Coordinator

I come from Madrid, where I was living until 2012. I was a curious child and passionate by nature, that’s why I decided to study Biology. After that I got interested in Neurosciences. Since I wanted to discover a new culture, in 2012 I moved to Bordeaux to do a master’s degree in Neuroscience and then Montpellier for a PhD. I finished my PhD the last October and for different reasons, I decided to stop my research career and make a change in my life.

My first contact with the Naturefriends started in 2014, and since then I’ve been hiking with them around Montpellier. Because I’m interested in sustainability and social topics, I also collaborated with IYNF as an e-volunteer and attended some training courses. Those meetings got a strong impact on me and made me think of getting more involved. To do an EVS in IYNF seemed to me a good beginning! Furthermore, I am keen to discover Czech culture!