Vice President

My name is Pari and I am happy to take part in a strong structured youth organization. My involvement with IYNF was thanks to the presence of GIAN-Gio’ Italian young nature friend. After participating in different events organized by IYNF, I found myself inspired for the future of youth activities and in the end, in 2019, I have decided to take action to become a part of IYNF presidium to both learn how to make a change, and actually make the change the youth needs to see.

Although my background is in industrial design, I found it always inspiring to use User Experience and design-oriented methods in engaging with youth activities and youth actions. I believe we need a more profound way of approaching the youth, with different perspectives, ideologies, religions and political views. An approach in which all the needs are being seen, respected and challenged. 

I believe, and I hope, that with promoting non-formal education, we can approach a new generation of thinkers, and educated youth. 

I am happy to continue my work in promoting democratic education through IYNF, to bring awareness of social and environmental justice. 

Don’t hesitate to contact me for further collaborations. 

Born in September 1991

Member of Gian-Gio’
Berg Frei!