“I am an undergraduate student of agriculture who loves nature and hopes for a better world. I live in a seaside city of Greece and I am fond of walking, cycling and listening or trying to play music. The last years, I am trying to inspire others about reducing their ecological footprint and in the […]

  • Martina D’Anzi

    I was born in 1995 in Southern Italy, near a town called Cosenza, and grew up in a beautiful unpolluted land. I am a student of Environmental Engineering because I have been interested in environment, nature and wildlife since I was a child. I love reading and being informed about what happens in the world […]

  • Miriam Candelas

    I was born in 1990 in Madrid. Since I was a child I was fascinated by nature. That’s why I decided to study biology. Afterwards I discovered a passion for the field of Neurosciences, in which I’ve been working since 2012 when I moved to Bordeaux. I am currently doing my PhD in this field […]

  • Philipp Schäfer

    I was born in January 1992 and grew up in a village near Karlsruhe, which is a town in the south-west of Germany near the border to France. Now I live on the outskirts of Karlsruhe. After secondary school I did a vocational training as electronics technician for automation technology. Afterwards I was taken over […]

  • Tamara Milovanović

    I was born in Belgrade, the capital city of Serbia, in April 1993. I am a student at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in my hometown and I have been interested in art since childhood, and it definitely marked my life. Art has helped me observe and analyze everything around me, and somehow I started […]

  • Alexandru Mustață

    Born in February 1991. Romanian. Being born and raised in a heavily-polluted, industrial town, environmental degradation awareness was for me a given more than a choice. Feeling powerless against the destruction a steel mill was causing, I decided to start at a smaller level, inviting all my friends and family to recycle as much as […]

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