• Ondřej Bradáč

    Born in 1987 in Prague, Czech Republic. Graduated in Theoretical and Evolutionary Biology at Faculty of Natural Sciences, Charles University, Prague. Through whole my life, thanks to and sometimes even despite my will and intentions, I have been involved with education of youth. Starting this odyssey in 2007 as a teacher at school for kids […]

    Secretary General

  • Anna Mayfat

    Born in 1988 in “cold” Russia. I studied different fields, from translating to engineering ecology, and succeeded in Pedagogy of Natural Sciences. I am now finishing an International Business Trade degree. I see learning as a constant process and life around me is an endless source. I believe that there are lots of opportunities to […]

    Finance and Office Coordinator

  • Henrique Gonçalves

    Born in July 1986, Portuguese. Studied art and graduated in architecture. Former EVS volunteer at IYNF. Growing up in countryside made me passionate and caring for nature. Studying architecture developed my interest in sustainability, community development and problem-solving. When I was 20 years old, I had my first touch with volunteering. Then I got involved with few initiatives […]

    Networking Coordinator

  • Sabrina Grape

    Born in 1993 in Northern Germany, freshly graduated in International Leisure Science, from early childhood grew up in close contact with nature. Starting as an EVS in the Italian mountains, I discovered my passion for international youth work and volunteering, leading me to get committed in further international projects, both as a participant and as […]

    Project Coordinator

  • Jolanta Počkaja

    Born in 1992 in Riga, Latvia, graduated in Customs and Taxes administration. In 2016, together with a great team, I organized youth exchange “Orange lifestyle” with Erasmus+ support to promote conscious, healthy lifestyle among youth, especially students. Our goal was to show how simple and fun can it be to live consciously. During the project, […]

    EVS Volunteer

  • Mischa Snaije

    Born in 1993, I am a French student currently completing an Erasmus masters program in Euroculture (basically European cultural studies). I will be interning at IYNF as part of my program, and I hope to be able to bring my knowledge of EU jargon to the table, as well as broaden my understanding of nonformal […]


  • Milan Maushart

    Born in 1997, I’ve just finished school in Germany and now I’m here with IYNF to acquire some experiences before I go to the university. I’ve been an active member of the Naturefriends Hesse in Germany since 2013 and they inspired me through my time at school. I learned a lot about environment protection and […]

    EVS Volunteer

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