Sebastián Salcedo

Hello, my name is Sebastian, I’m Mexican and since March 2023 an intern at IYNF.,

I acquired my Bachelor´s of Law degree in 2021, and currently studying an LLM at Charles Uni in Human Rights and Environment. I have an interest on the field since I was little, and now among my studies I can learn more on practice with the organization

I decided to join the organization due the advocacy, combating bad practices, the promotion and education in pro of the environment. The last being of my special interest, due I believe that proper teaching since young age can heal the roots of the actual  environmental problems the world faces and need to solve the most within next years.

About me, I love sports, they’ve been part of my whole life, especially Tennis, Rugby and Golf. I also enjoy watching F1, listen nice music and reading as much as I can :)

Over the last years, the impacts of climate chage have been notorious, and action needs to be taken with professionalism and dedication, reason why I’m happy to now be able to do it with the organization.