Travelling is an activity most of the Naturefriends enjoys. But it if you want to visit far-off countries, you will have to take the plane. Air traffic though is one of the major key roles in the climate change. The latter makes up at least five percent of the human-made climate change, although just a small part of this globalized world participates in air-traffic. Unfortunately, the impact of the climate change strikes especially the Global South and also areas, which have no participation in air-traffic at all. Especially desertification is a major concern in the African stated caused by the climate change. Through decreasing precipitation and increasing clearings for firewood and farmland, the ecological situation becomes worse every day. Their essential supply by subsistence farming is endangered and therefore are forced to leave the region and emigrate. That is why climate change is one important aspect of migration too.

To support the people living in these areas the Naturefriends International created the Climate Fund. This fund helps to contribute to climate justice. The situation in which people in the Global South have to deal with is unacceptable and therefore there is a good possibility to support them.

The current project “Trees for the future” takes place in Senegal and Gambia in the Sahel Zone. It is implemented by the Naturefriends Senegal and in close cooperation with the Naturefriends Gambia. Financed by this fund they want to plant 900 fruit trees, which are protected by grazing animals I fences. Families and schools will take care of this so it is also a way to educate the children and the families do not depend on any support to take care of the plants. Furthermore, they can sell the fruits to make a living.

Also, women will have an important key role. There will be some learning sessions to teach the women how to take care of the plants, how to process and sell them. This is a good possibility to strengthen the woman’s role and have a more balanced division of duties and responsibilities in the household.

So, if you want to contribute to climate justice, just check out the homepage. Depending on the distance you flew by plane there are suggestions how much money you should spend to support the project in a fair way in contrast to your contribution to climate change. Certainly, you can spend more or less and you can also spend money if you didn’t take the airplane. There is also a possibility to calculate the financial support if you traveled by car.

This project is a good way to compensate somehow your own impact by air-traffic, to support the people struggling with desertification and other problems caused by climate change and to empower the woman’s role in the everyday life!

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