Sustainable Spin & Smile Rally

Would you like to inspire others to travel sustainably using an engaging method? Would you like to have fun while connecting to others? Then, why not get inspired from the sustainable spin and rally game, a real life game initiated by a group of participants during the training course “Re (don’t) think. Travel! Leaving positive traces for […]

Free walking tour-Green style

Do you enjoy free walking tours in new cities learning about the history or culture? But what if, you were on a free walking tour to observe and to find out more about the sustainable actions or activities that a city has to offer? Maybe you could find how the traffic is limited or how […]

Can’t fly? Let us plan the travel of your dreams…

Do you want to travel sustainably but you don’t want to fly? Do you wonder where you can find the greenest transportations and local restaurants? Gogreen travel planner, the app designed by one of the participants from the training course “Re (don’t) think. Travel-Leaving traces for a just and sustainable future”, will help you find […]

Promoting Local Tourism

Promoting Local Tourism is a 3-day-workshop designed by one of the participants of the training “Re(don’t) think. Travel! Leaving positive traces for a just and sustainable future”.  The workshop aims to boost local tourism in the regions of Hessen and Bavaria in Germany by providing a training with both theoritical and practical sessions fostering a […]

Carbon offsetting: Greenwashing or the Solution?

As part of the training course “Re(don’t) think. Travel! Leaving positive traces for a just and sustainable future”, IYNF trainer Francesco Mangiarini delivered a session on carbon offsetting. The training focused on the understanding of the definitions of carbon offsetting and greenwashing, and it exposed South Pole, a company that is offsetting carbon emissions for […]

Greening International Youth Mobilities Training Curriculum

*download link is below the page* Training Curriculum: Greening International Youth Mobilities Introduction: This comprehensive training curriculum is designed to empower trainers in the international youth field with the necessary tools and knowledge to conduct impactful training sessions on “Greening International Youth Mobilities.” Aimed at reducing the environmental impact of youth mobility projects, this guide […]

The Progressive (Timeless) Realization

“The Progressive (Timeless) Realization” is a publication authored by our intern, Sebastian. The paper delves into a complex triumvirate of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, Populist regimes and Environmental matters by exploring the theory and existing regulations, national cases and specifically a case from Mexico. Inspired by the topic of IYNF’s cycle of activities for […]

Secret Greta: Dare to Save the Planet (Game) B&W

Our 2023 cycle is already bringing a lot of outcomes and fun content, but get ready to witness a new rendition of a popular board game that was made especially as a teambuilding game for our activity “Climate Justice vs Right Wing Populism” in the Netherlands this January. Our participants tried and tested the game, […]

Contradictory Truths in the Climate Movement

“Climate Justice vs Right Wing Populism” was fun, but also very productive! During our sessions together in the Netherlands, apart from exciting workshops, fishbowl debates and bike rides, our participants came up with an interesting list of contradictory truths we often find while discussing climate change. We decided to put all the discovered contradictories in […]

Stop Bambit! – Print and Play!

We are very excited to present to you the third and final educational game that was created during our 2021 cycle of activities “Climate Games – The Way to Justice!”    “Stop Bambit!” is a little bit special – unlike the other games that feature only playing cards, this one is a real board game […]

Criserious – Print and Play!

The time has come to present our second card game “Criserious” in the downloadable “Print & Play” PDF format. It is one of the three educational and fun games we created during our 2021 cycle of activities “Climate Games – The Way to Justice!”  All you need to do is print the file, cut the cards […]

Take Me Outside – Outdoor Education First Aid Kit!

As the main outcome of our cycle of 2022 “Let’s Get Outta Here: Mental Health as the Path to Mental Health” we are very happy to present to you our First Aid Kit for Outdoor Education: “Take Me Outside!“. The file includes an introduction, a theoretical part, and all the cards for the outdoor activities. […]

Climate Heroes – Print and Play!

We are very happy to present to you the “Print and Play” format of “Climate Heroes” one of the three games that we created during our cycle of activities “Climate Games – The Way to Justice!” which took place in 2021. All you need to do is print the file, cut the cards and play! […]

Youth Perspectives on Climate Justice in the AU-EU Relations

In August 2020, the middle of the global COVID-19 pandemic brought up a new project “Youth perspectives on climate justice in the AU-EU relations” focusing on youth participation between young people from the African and European continent regarding climate justice. In three national groups motivated young people from Benin, Germany and Senegal discussed their demands, […]

Youth Leader Qualification Manual

In April and May 2020 we decided to organize an intensive course focused on youth leadership. It was in times when physical activities were limited therefore this was a really good opportunity to use our time for improving our skills and knowledge online. We were lucky enough to have a great group of young people […]

From Zero to Hero Manual

IYNF has aimed at developing the skills of young people from rural areas and empowering them to become community leaders, by ‘From Zero to Hero’ activity. This activity has combined both theoretical and practical input. The first week was dedicated to gaining theoretical knowledge about leadership and working with volunteers. The second week was focusing […]

Start With Yourself! – Seminar experience with elements of the Betzavta method

Collection of ideas, expertise, and knowledge about the “Betzavta Method, Adam Institute, Uki Maroshek” with concrete activities, that can be used in experiential education for civic participation and responsible leadership.

In a period where democracy is more and more questioned and a rise of extreme right-wing movements across Europe, IYNF decided to focus in 2018 on democracy and civic education. Under the year title Start With Yourself, the first training focused on the “Betzavta” method to tackle democracy related-topics. This method was originally developed at the Adam Institute in Israel for political education. Later, it was internationally adopted in 1996, first in Germany at the Centre for Applied Political Research at the University of Munich then in other countries such as Switzerland and Northern Ireland.

The aim of introducing Betzavta was to combine approaches both from individual and system level by connecting personal experience with the entire society addressed. Participants should be stimulated to become agents of social change through working towards a more open, democratic and inclusive society through recognizing personal responsibility and critical evaluation of own behaviors.

Through this fruitful exchange, we collected ideas, expertise, and knowledge about the Betzavta method with concrete activities, that can be used in experiential education for civic participation and responsible leadership, which will be provided as examples in this manual.