Climate Heroes – Print and Play!

We are very happy to present to you the “Print and Play” format of “Climate Heroes” one of the three games that we created during our cycle of activities “Climate Games – The Way to Justice!” which took place in 2021. All you need to do is print the file, cut the cards and play! […]

Youth Perspectives on Climate Justice in the AU-EU Relations

In August 2020, the middle of the global COVID-19 pandemic brought up a new project “Youth perspectives on climate justice in the AU-EU relations” focusing on youth participation between young people from the African and European continent regarding climate justice. In three national groups motivated young people from Benin, Germany and Senegal discussed their demands, […]

Youth Leader Qualification Manual

In April and May 2020 we decided to organize an intensive course focused on youth leadership. It was in times when physical activities were limited therefore this was a really good opportunity to use our time for improving our skills and knowledge online. We were lucky enough to have a great group of young people […]

From Zero to Hero Manual

IYNF has aimed at developing the skills of young people from rural areas and empowering them to become community leaders, by ‘From Zero to Hero’ activity. This activity has combined both theoretical and practical input. The first week was dedicated to gaining theoretical knowledge about leadership and working with volunteers. The second week was focusing […]

Start With Yourself! – Seminar experience with elements of the Betzavta method

Collection of ideas, expertise, and knowledge about the “Betzavta Method, Adam Institute, Uki Maroshek” with concrete activities, that can be used in experiential education for civic participation and responsible leadership.

In a period where democracy is more and more questioned and a rise of extreme right-wing movements across Europe, IYNF decided to focus in 2018 on democracy and civic education. Under the year title Start With Yourself, the first training focused on the “Betzavta” method to tackle democracy related-topics. This method was originally developed at the Adam Institute in Israel for political education. Later, it was internationally adopted in 1996, first in Germany at the Centre for Applied Political Research at the University of Munich then in other countries such as Switzerland and Northern Ireland.

The aim of introducing Betzavta was to combine approaches both from individual and system level by connecting personal experience with the entire society addressed. Participants should be stimulated to become agents of social change through working towards a more open, democratic and inclusive society through recognizing personal responsibility and critical evaluation of own behaviors.

Through this fruitful exchange, we collected ideas, expertise, and knowledge about the Betzavta method with concrete activities, that can be used in experiential education for civic participation and responsible leadership, which will be provided as examples in this manual.