Promoting Local Tourism is a 3-day-workshop designed by one of the participants of the training “Re(don’t) think. Travel! Leaving positive traces for a just and sustainable future”. 

The workshop aims to boost local tourism in the regions of Hessen and Bavaria in Germany by providing a training with both theoritical and practical sessions fostering a comprehensive understanding of strategies to boost local tourism.

The participants will mainly include local transport companies, the municipalities of the two regions and local travel companies that by the end of this workshop will be equipped to foster a new era of youth-driven initiatives for local tourism development.

It got inspired by the Covid-19 lockdown in Germany where Germans explored more neighbor cities which gave them the chance to learn more about their local areas and experience positive local tourism.  

Are you curious to know more about the program, the locations and the dates?

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*This publication was developed as a result of the project “Re-think. Travel! Leaving positive traces for a just and sustainable future“ that was kindly supported and financed by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission.
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