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Training Curriculum: Greening International Youth Mobilities

Introduction: This comprehensive training curriculum is designed to empower trainers in the international youth field with the necessary tools and knowledge to conduct impactful training sessions on “Greening International Youth Mobilities.” Aimed at reducing the environmental impact of youth mobility projects, this guide is an essential resource for project managers, organizers, youth workers, and leaders seeking to execute youth mobility initiatives in the most sustainable manner possible.

Content Overview: The curriculum encompasses a wide range of topics essential for the effective delivery of training. It includes detailed methodologies, program flow, an overarching program overview, and in-depth session descriptions. Key areas such as certification processes, carbon compensation strategies, maintaining coherence in sustainability efforts, and pragmatic approaches to green initiatives are thoroughly addressed.

Customization and Adaptation: Recognizing the diverse needs of trainers and participants, this curriculum is designed to be highly customizable. Trainers are encouraged to tailor the content based on their unique experiences and expertise, as well as the specific requirements of their audience. This flexibility ensures that each training session is relevant, practical, and impactful.

Your Guide to Sustainable Youth Mobility Projects: Whether you’re planning, organizing, or leading a youth mobility project, this curriculum offers the insights and direction needed to minimize environmental impact and promote sustainability in every aspect of your project.



From left to right: Noa Philippon, Esther Vallado and Erika Karman, trainer’s team and co-authors of the “Greening International Youth Mobilities” training course Curriculum.