Just 200 metres from the Naturefriends house Grafhorn in Lehrte (Germany), there were architectural remains found of houses from the iron age. 2600 years ago, ancestors lived there in small communities.

Many questions came up within the Naturefriends in Lehrte. How did they live? Why did they choose to live here? How did the houses look like? Is it possible to live like this nowadays as well? In order to answer all these questions, Christian Helmreich, the coordinator of the Naturefriends house Grafhorn, started an initiative to reconstruct the three-aisled house and the pit house. He facilitated several international workshops to teach the participants practical skills, to dive into the past and learn new aspects about humankind.

From the 17. -23 of September 16 participants came together and helped to finish the houses, build an oven in order to produce iron, learned how to make flintstones and use this method to make fire and made dishes in the way they were cooked 2600 years ago.

In this beautiful Naturefriends house with the great surroundings and many animals, it was a great experience for our Volunteer Milan Maushart to dive into the past and learn about the iron age.

It is possible to visit the Naturefriends house and the reconstructed houses since they also serve as an open-air museum accessible to everyone.