Join us for the international conference in Brussels!

Changing the world might start with the action but what else is needed and how is it done? If you are curios, and you live in Brussels or will be around on November 14 and 15, then don’t hesitate and join us!

Two days of the conference will follow various topics and perspectives of activism. If you want to be a part of interesting discussions, this is the place for you. If you are leaning more to the practical side of activism, you’ll be satisfied too.

Where and When?
November 14-15 at Destelheide center, south of the center of Brussels. We will arrange a shuttle bus which may take you from the city center to Destelheide.


Who can participate?
The conference is free for everyone. Free tasty lunch and snacks included!


What to expect?
The guests of the conference will consist of representatives from different youth organizations, EU institutions, private sector, unions.

The main aim of the conference it to get more insight on skills and knowledge needed for project implementation, its promotion and also its “afterlife”. Discussions and workshops will also focus on challenges which can occur during this process. The conference will be a place for inspirational success stories, workshops based on established projects and will also look into political youth activism itself.

  • Different workshops by organizations like Climate Express, Euronatur, French Youth Council.
  • Project presentations of the participants from the previous training course “Structures of Activism”
  • Discussions with established activists, members of the EU parliament, organizations like FYEG, JEF, IFM-SEI, representatives of Unions.
  • Inspirational talk sessions where you’ll hear the story of Madeleina Kay (AKA EU Supergirl) or you can learn more about successful projects like Europe on Track.

Schedule of the Conference


We hope that you can visit the conference on both days.  Please confirm the days attending in the registration form. If you are joining us for just one day, that is still fine :). There will be a tasty lunch waiting for you and we provide small snacks and coffee too. All this in the beautiful environment of Destelheide with its unique vibe.

For the confirmation of your participation, please use the registration form. This way it is easier for us to keep track of attendees and adjust conditions accordingly.


If you have any questions, please write to the coordinator of the project,
Viktor Koren (

This project is kindly supported by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union and the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.