Dear Naturefriends,

As you know, our last year was a busy one!  Besides other IYNF activities, the cycle of the year – Flow of Activism gattered the participants from various countries to take part in 4 activities in the span of one year. Either you did participate or not, you can check out some results, outcomes of this cycle! Here is a brief summary with interesting recordings, articles and more info about the projects that resulted from this cycle.

Step one

Sooo first, we met in Riga for Patterns of Activism. Here we started our journey with learning about activism, social issues and needs and how we can participate and help. What a start!

If you want to see an example of what we talked about amongst other things, you can check out the panel discussion: Europe’s state of affairs and the EU election (video below)

Here we go again

Then we saw each other again in beautiful Pénestin, France. Structures of Activism provided the practical skills related to the implementation of the project and the participants formed in the group and came up with the project ideas. The groups of enthusiastic people were formed and started already planning what do do.


Let’s get to work…

Seeds of Activism was another stage during which the participants were working on their projects individually. Some of them as far as in India! It wasn’t always easy, sometimes living far away from each other but the desire was there. So what was achieved? Check out the map of projects and learn more about them here.



…and share it with others

The final activity, Fruits of Activism (Belgium) was a training course combined with the International Conference. The projects that resulted from the whole Flow of Activism cycle, were presented to the public and professionals from various fields accompanied by guest workshops, discussions and talks. Simply a great chance to meet interesting and precious human beings sharing their ideas, opinion, ideals and trying to reach the same goals. Are you hooked? Then check out the conference almanac and you’ll learn more about this special event.

Almanac can be found here.   
Download here.

As you can all see, 2019 was really interesting and this is just a segment of our past 2019 activities.

So stay tuned! 2020 will be great too! :)