ESC Mid-term meeting

11. – 16. June 2020

Article by  Frank Hoppe (IYNF ESC volunteer)

In the second week of June my midterm, a seminar organised by the Czech National Agency for ESC volunteers was going to take place but do to the COVID pandemic it was moved online. So, most people from the on-arrival meeting in February as well as two new volunteers gathered in front of their computer to join the now online midterm during the next four days.


The main two topics of mid-term were a reflection on the experience since On-arrival and looking forward to what’s going to happen after our ESCs. Connected thought the magic of the internet we were able to meet each other and it was nice seeing and hearing from the other volunteers again. Even though it was online the trainers put in much effort to bring the normal non-formal education approach to the seminar. We used many different methods and online tool that made the time much more interesting instead of just sitting in front of a screen and included such things as a „Walk and Talk” outside.

The most fun for me was the Art Challenge where we had 25 minutes to interpret a famous Czech art piece our way. It was incredible what people came up within such a short time.
In addition to the main topics mentioned earlier, several workshops tackled topics like heath and well being and online workshops. There I got to know new methods and tools that are going to be very useful in the future.

Although it was sad not seeing the people in person the online midterm was great which was mostly due to the capable trainers and the nice participants. Now I am looking even forward to resume my ESC in August and meeting with the fellow volunteers from the other organisations.