Generations Game

The German version of the Generations Game was featured in the IYNF & Network News section of the
Newsletter from June but now it is also available in English. Originally created for the German Young
Naturefriends members magazine Keonda but we also thought it could also be interesting for people
outside of Germany and so IYNF translated the whole game into English.

The relationship between young and old is not always easy. This is due to the fact that far too often we don’t talk to each other at all. The game wants to encourage the exchange with questions from three categories: “Conversation Questions”, “Philosophy” and “Old for New”.

This game manual is more a suggestion for playing than a set of rules. In the Generation Game there are no winners or losers, but it is rather about the fun of discussing.

That is what you need:

  • At least two players
  • A dice and a playing piece
  • Printed game board and question cards

Here you can download the instructions, the game board and the question cards!

Colorful Variation – Click here to download 
Colour saving version – Click here to download

  • The orange conversation questions focus on the relationship between two people.
  • The purple philosophical cards ask the big questions.

The red cards contrast old and new. Is one better than the other or is both justified? The categories Philosophy (purple) and Old versus New (red) are presented to the whole group. The Discussion Questions (orange) are for one person only. Below each question is written with whom it should be discussed, e.g. with the person sitting two seats to the left.

This is how the game works:

The principle of the game is simple. The cards are sorted by colour and then shuffled in the respective deck. The shuffled decks are now placed face down on the corresponding places in the middle of the board and the game piece is placed on START.

The youngest player starts to roll the dice and moves the playing piece forward by the rolled result. He/she then takes the top card from the deck with the colour of the square where he/she has landed. The question on the card is now read out loud and the conversation begins. When you satisfactorily answered he question, the game continues clockwise.

If a person lands on START, they can choose a category freely. The game ends as soon as a time or number of rounds you have set passes.

Remember: The game is all about having fun and learning something new about others and maybe even about yourself. So, if you don’t like a suggestion in the instructions, simply discard it and redesign the game to your liking.

Have fun playing the game!

Developed by Frank Hoppe with help from Sean Spiewak and Nico Vossbeck

Here you can download the instructions, the game board and the question cards: