This interactive map shows you IYNF’s 18 Member (one candidate Member) and 14 Partner organisations in Europe and beyond. Click over the symbol (Naturefriend logo for Member organisations and group icon for Partner organisations) to uncover the name and contact detail of the organisation.


Learn more about or partner organizations here, and more about or member organizations here.

Becoming a partner

According to IYNF statutes, partners are organisations interested in cooperation with IYNF. Partners are accepted by the decision of the Presidium and have a right of information about the activities of the organisation. Partners can attend the GA and the Council meetings as guests.

In practice, partner organizations are the ones that IYNF cooperates on permanent basis, organizing projects and campaigns together. Representatives of Partner organizations, just as representatives of Member organizations, have preference in attending IYNF activities and Meetings.

IYNF usually accepts as partners organizations with which it has co-organized some projects together and have evaluated the cooperation as successful.

Newcomers are welcome to join IYNF and find out about its activities and work during one of IYNF’s Networking Conferences or Planning Weekends, networking events that happen each year in May and September. To be informed in time to register for networking activities, we advise you to register to receive IYNF Courier Newsletter.

What is the IYNF Network?

The IYNF Network currently consists of 18 member and 14 partner organisations structured in 1000 local groups, as well as many organisations with whom we regularly cooperate on project basis. Our aim is to keep the network growing, including new organisations from the national, regional and local level. Naturefriends organisations are the primary target group, but other organisations are also welcome to join!

Why our Network matters?

In our network, groups and organisations create relations and connections according to their interests, field of activity or up-to-date issues. We facilitate networking and connection of all the parties involved, especially by finding peer groups and creating possibilities to meet, learn, and find synergies for common projects. Our aim is to establish a living network of people and organisations across borders. We offer our knowledge, experience and contacts to empower young people and their organisations, increase their self-organising skills and create a multiplier effect.

Why should you be part of the IYNF Network?

The IYNF network consists of organisations from different fields that will enrich your organisation and activities. IYNF helps you to select those organisations that fit your specific situation best. Using our services will increase your chances of receiving funding for your project. The knowledge and experience that we share will ensure that the project will be of higher quality and that the goals and aims will be reached. We offer our communication channels for the promotion of your project and to increase its visibility and dissemination of results.Join the network consisting of empowering organisations driven by their great purpose, principles, values and people.

What are the Networking services that we offer to you?

– Help with partner search and matching
– Networking support package with many useful documents
– Support and tools
– Grant writing help
– Networking meetings and trainings
– Possibility to propose your own project or join others
– And many more!

Is it for free?

Many services are indeed, such as proposing your project, joining other projects on the website or registering your organisation. For some services we ask for a contribution to cover related costs of the Networking Coordinator. This money helps us to improve our network and provide support to other organizations. The price depends on what type of service you choose. We offer several service packages for different prices. The fee can be paid as project costs from your grant and only after this external funding is received.

What are the criteria to join the IYNF Network?

– Being active or being interested in becoming active at the international level
– Organisation based in one of the Youth in Action countries (EU members, the EFTA countries, South-East Europe, Eastern Europe & Caucasus and the EuroMed countries)
– Following the core values of the IYNF Network: solidarity, sustainability, respect, equality and love and care for nature