Bank details

IYNF has two bank accounts – one in Austria and one in the Czech Republic. For transfers within the European Monetary Union and in EUR, please use our Austrian account. Only for transfers in CZK, please use the Czech account number. In case of doubts please contact the IYNF Secretariat.

All transfers in EUR

BAWAG P.S.K., Favoritenstraße 111/4.OG/Top 11, A-1100 Wien – Austria
IBAN: AT55 1400 0040 1088 8161

account holder:
Naturfreundejugend Internationale
Diefenbachgasse 36
1150 Wien, Austria

Only for transfers in CZK

FIO banka, CZ6220100000002601108390,


account number for transfers within the Czech Republic: 2601108390/2010

Bank account holder and the official coordinates of the organization as based in the Czech Republic:

Naturfreundejugend Internationale
Senovazne nam. 24
CZ- 116 47 Praha 1, Czech Republic
ICO: 750 487 44