01 December, 2018
5:41 am

Call for Participants

This is the last activity of the IYNFs Year of “Border-free solidarity!”. After learning, gathering information, collecting ideas and a lot of discussions, we want to make practical plans with you for the following years. This activity marks the closing up the previous activities from this year, “Get on Board” and “Be Border Free” and aims to create concrete plans and projects about work with migrants.

Have you been to the previous IYNF activities? No problem, as long as you h  ave some experiences, motivation and good ideas, you are welcome!

Even though this is the last activity, “Raise your Voice” is meant to connect people through new projects, giving the ideas of the project space to thrive and to spread out this year’s topic. 

Border-free Solidarity in IYNF

International Young Naturefriends is a non-governmental organization promoting solidarity between and within different cultures, working on an international level. Confronted with the recent developments in the world in vary contexts, IYNF has decided to dedicate the year of 2017 to the topic Border-free Solidarity.

Border-free means without limits, it means there is no fence between us, not on any level. It shows that even though there can be religious, cultural, linguistic, geographical, educational, moral, financial and political barriers, it does not have to mean that we cannot cooperate together, help each other and learn from each other.

Raise your Voice- What is on the agenda this time?

After a thorough reflection about the current refugee situation, many discussions, tips and theoretical approaches, we want to create actual plans and projects.

In “Raise your Voice” the participants will share their knowledge about the current refugee situation, the struggles and issues and the idea of ‘Border-free Solidarity’, they have gained in the previous activities with the newcomers. You can propose your own idea for a project and work together in a group to make concrete plans for the next steps or as well join a group, which has already an idea and inspired. Based on our knowledge, our experiences and our IYNF values, we want to write a position paper as well, that aims at summarizing our topic of the year and making our voice heard.

In consequence to our aim to develop concrete projects, our trainers will provide non-formal education sessions about project management, they give you more details about the refugee situation and about the work with migrants itself. As well they will support you to structure, promote and execute your project.


At the end of the conference you will be able to:

  • Apply new methods to create a new project
  • Use your newly-discovered knowledge about the current migration situation in discussions and the next projects
  • Understand and write position papers
  • Become a part of the next years’ projects, that result from this conference



Raise your voice will be organized by the IYNF Secretariat and will be supported by the local Dutch Naturefriends. Thanks to the kind contribution of the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe and the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.


Who can come?

Representatives of IYNF Member and Partner organizations, volunteers, representatives of other youth organizations that share the values of IYNF and are willing to be engaged within the IYNF network. Participants from the previous activities will have priority in the selection process. Also you need to be from the Erasmus+ countries as well as from the Council of Europe member states. 

Where and when?

14-19 November, Heerlen in the south of Netherlands in the Naturefriends house Eikhold (video about the Naturefriends house (in Dutch)).

What does it cost?

No participation fee. Food and accommodation fully covered. At least 80% of travel costs will be reimbursed. (IYNF expects you to choose the most sustainable way of transportation, only 2nd class/economy class tickets can be reimbursed. For flights and travelling by car prior approval of the Secretariat will be needed)

How to apply?

Fill in the application form

Till when do I have time to apply?

The deadline for applications is the 31st of August. By the beginning of September, you will be informed via e-mail whether you may participate.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact milan@iynf.org