This webpage section targets at organizers of international youth activities within and beyond the IYNF network who are searching for an expert to help them with organization of their project.

The IYNF Pool of Trainers consists of experienced trainers, facilitators and organizers of various youth activities with rich variety of expertise.

IYNF would like to present its trainers highlighting their expertise and readiness to cooperate on projects, in order to help you find a suitable collaborator.

All IYNF trainers:

  • Have ability to train or facilitate international projects.
  • Are willing to prepare the activity programme of the international activities in cooperation with the organizers
  • Have experience from organization of various international activities
  • Comply with the main values of IYNF
  • Are motivated to stay involved in the network and develop personal skills

Senior trainers have ability and experience with training the trainers and coaching, they bear the full responsibility for the educational process.

Junior trainers are experienced in organizing and facilitating international youth projects.

External experts are people willing to partner up with the IYNF network and provide their expertise in order to help the Naturefriends extend their horizons and improve the way of working.