We would like to invite you to this year’s Planning Weekend of International Young Naturefriends (IYNF). It will be an event where representatives of member and partner organizations, IYNF volunteers and trainers meet to exchange ideas, network and brainstorm on the upcoming projects and future developments of the IYNF network.

Please note that the dates have been changed from the initially planned dates in Septemeber to Novemeber.

The year 2013 is announced as IYNF Year of Action for Change. That is why the Planning Weekend 2013 will focus on various actions that are aimed at bringing about positive change to the Naturefriend movement as well as to the world.

The objectives of the activity are to support cooperation of the organizations and volunteers to run international projects and bring information about possibilities offered by the Youth in Action programme and IYNF network. The majority of the program will be devoted for guided networking of the represented organisations, strengthening the relations between organisations and project planning. On top of that, we would like to actively involve member and partner organisations in shaping the future strategic developments and priorities of IYNF.

The planning weekend is a close follow up of the Networking Conference that happened in May 2013 in Slovakia. The participants will be able to share their experiences and exchange information on how they used the knowledge, skills and ideas they gained during the events.

On top of that, we would like to actively involve member and partner organizations in shaping the future strategic developments and priorities of IYNF. 2014 will be an important year for IYNF, with new strategic priorities, the General Assembly and Presidium elections coming up. Therefore, this Planning Weekend offers a unique opportunity for you to have a say in the preparations of all this. How do you see the future of IYNF? What role shall the Young Naturefriend movement play in Europe? What kind of activities would you like to see implemented?If those questions sound interesting for you to discuss, then apply for our Planning Weekend. 

This event is co-organized with German Young Naturefriends and builds up on their currently running project “Youth travels with respect”, that is kindly supported by the German Ministry of Families, Seniors, Women and Youth. Together we will explore different topics related to respectful travelling, such as how to make your outdoor activities more sustainable and what to consider when making food choices for your activities.  We will discuss first results of the project and plan follow-up activities.

This event is supported by Youth in Action programme of the European Union.

The priority in selection procedure will be given to applicants who are currently active in the Naturefriends movement.

The IYNF Planning Weekend will be based on non-formal education methods like group-building activities, presentations, facilitated discussion through Open Space Technology, action planning and evaluation.

This activity is open to:  Representatives of IYNF Member and Partner organizations, volunteers, representatives of various youth organizations that share the values of IYNF and are willing to be engaged within the network

Date and Place: 20-24/11/2013, Naturfreundehaus Grafhorn nearby Hanover, Germany.

The Naturfreundehaus Grafhorn is a dream destination for those seeking relaxation and lovers of ecotourism in the form of hiking, biking, horseback riding, walking, etc..are always welcome. The house is wheelchair accessible. Grafhorn is an environmentally friendly venue with own farming system, offering a piece of Heimatliches cultural and regional hospitality.  A perfect place for a meeting surrounded by nature! And even more than that – the wifi and mobile connections are rather weak – so we can relax a bit from the flashing screens, notifications and mindfully focus on the here and now.

Costs: No participation fee, 30% of travel costs (if your travel costs are less than 200EUR), 40% of travel costs (if your travel costs are above 200EUR)

Maximum amount of reimbursement is 162 EUR (this means if your travel costs are 270 EUR, you will be reimbursed 60%, which is 162 EUR, however if your travel costs are higher than 270EUR, the most you will be reimbursed is 162 EUR, no matter the final price of your tickets).

Apply:  Please fill in this application form. Deadline: 17th September [CLICK]

If you have any questions, please write to admissions@iynf.org