The European Youth Event 2014 is about to start, and IYNF will take 20 young people to the European Parliament!

Lina Mombauer, from German Young Naturefriends, give us a nice insight and reveals some of her expectations for this event:

by Lina Mombauer, from Naturfreunde Jugend (German Young Naturefriends)

In just a couple of days we will attend the European Youth Event (EYE) in Strasbourg, the capital of the region Alsace in northwestern France. This city with its historic city center, a world heritage site, is also the seat for many European institutions. During the EYE, some activities will take place inside the building of the European Parliament, the only directly elected institution of the European Union. Its 766 members from 160 national parties have to commute between Strasbourg and the second parliament seat in Brussels, despite many discussion about the ecological problems and financial costs. Maybe that will be a topic of one of the numerous workshops or expert panels about Youth Unemployment, Digital Revolution, Future of the European Union, Sustainability and Values. Lets see how this small city will look like with 5.000 young people from all over Europe.