By Noémi Mátyás

Well, before we (Kristóf, Zoltán, Renáta, Me) arrived to Volterra, Italy, we had had a very long but amusing journey through Hungary, then Slovenia and finally part of Italy. 16 hours really flew away in this good company. After this journey and our arrival, to be honest, I was a bit frightened and shy and I just wanted to have a shower and go to bed. Furthermore I didn’t know anyone there at all. (Just to be clear, this was my first Networking Conference but not the last one, I hope)

The first breakfast’s morning was just like in my dreams, everybody were sitting around a big table and we were eating all together, and then I realized that everything would be alright. Smiles and friendly faces everywhere!

But turning to the point, the programme was really instructive and informative and well-organized (I have to highlight here Esther’s presentation on Transformative Learning, and all activities we had about sharing opinions and ideas). The organisers were well prepared and helpful, all participants were direct and talkative and the environment was fascinating, and because of all these elements, the atmosphere was absolutely pleasant. So I recommend it to everyone who is interested in nature even if it’s just a bit.

Finally, I would like to say thank you to all of the participants for the experience and the pleasure, and to have let me to take part of. Thank you to the organisers who took the time to prepare everything, so that we had such a good time spent there. Thank you Italian Naturefriends and of course the locals in the kitchen for the appetizing dishes.

There are no words how grateful I am, every moment is stored as one of my best memories!

Greeting from Budapest!

“Sunset in Volterra – One of my favourite moments”