Join our team of e-Experts!


E-Participation is the topic highlighted by IYNF in 2016. Due to our latest practices on online communication technologies (e.g. webinars, e-volunteering, social media strategy, ECOmaps), we believe that these tools can be extremely beneficial, contributing to the visibility and mission of youth organizations. However, IYNF wants to promote and also encourage the use of online platforms as new participatory tools for youth, providing new opportunities of engagement on civil society.

To cement this goal, IYNF found it essential to create a team of experts on E-Participation, who are expected to work with us on the topic, under our values and framework. We require some knowledge on online participation and social media, although motivation is the most important factor, as IYNF will provide input during our upcoming events. You can read more about the objectives, tasks and benefits of an IYNF e-expert on our website. How to join? The first step is to apply to “How e-mazing is your organization” and let us know of your particular interest in the application form. For more info please contact

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Expected involvement:

  • To actively participate on all 3 international activities of IYNF in 2016 (2-7 May in Belgium, 1-7 August in Czech Republic and 18-23 October in FYROM)
  • To support the creation of the workshop on safe and efficient e-activism during the 2nd activity, to create an e-manual how to repeat the workshop and to lead the workshop for their peers during the 3rd activity
  • To support the creation of the IYNF e-volunteering policy during the 3rd activity and to finalize the document until two months after the activity
  • To promote the outcomes of the activities and motivate their peers to use the IYNF e-participation tools
  • To be in frequent touch with the IYNF prep teams and IYNF Secretariat and actively participate in preparation of the international activities via social media, webinars or other online tools
  • To actively propose project ideas and to become part of the future project teams


IMG_0641Additional tasks that will be encouraged and welcomed:

  • To spread the outcomes of the IYNF e-participation projects on the international, national or local level via articles in various magazines, blogging or vlogging
  • To organize workshop on e-activism on the national or local level
  • To lead online discussions with the participants on various e-participation related topics (in order to support the preparation of the future participants, creation of statistics or informing their peers about recent developments)
  • To make a research and write articles on the e-participation related matters and publish them under the IYNF Breakdown webpage section
  • To manage a Facebook group that will gather all participants of the IYNF e-participation international activities together with the IYNF Secretariat members
  • To propose and lead task forces in case a need for them arises


Benefits to the members of the core group:

  • Opportunity to develop own organizational and management skills, gain new knowledge and gain international experience in a field of own interest
  • Mentorship and support from IYNF experts
  • Chance to engage in a big international network, make new contacts and actively influence the direction of the future IYNF actions
  • Full reimbursement of travel and participation related costs and material support from IYNF
  • Chance to become IYNF representatives in various international youth conferences and youth projects