For the eighth time this year, Serbia was in the dark for 60 minutes; and besides the capital city – Belgrade, lights were turned off by citizens of two other big cities in Serbia – Niš and Novi Sad.

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This year’s Earth Hour was unique due to a special 3D projection on climate change at the former Royal Palace, which was really impressive to see.

Belgraders have had the opportunity to enjoy the performance of a gospel choir, but also to leave creative and motivational messages of support to this action on the specially designed wall. The main motto on the wall was “Turn off the light to see clearer”.



Traditionally, there was the number 60, formed by candles which is always most interesting to children and that creates a magical atmosphere when the lights go out!

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The most adorable part of the event was a mascot of WWF – a big panda who spread a message to visitors that we are all threatened because of the changes on the planet, just like these animals and many other species.


Serbia has already felt the effects of climate change at the local level, citizens are directly affected by the consequences of the floods, but also by an extreme drought in agriculture.


However there’s some optimism as the number of participants, visitors, schools, NGOs and socially responsible companies involved in environmental causes is increasing every year.