‘One-third of the world’s cereal harvest is fed to farmed animals. Enough to feed 800 million people.’

Nine million tons of plastic is the equivalent of 136 billion plastic milk jugs. Stack them up and they’d reach more than halfway to Mars.’

 ‘On average 179 kg of food per person is wasted each year in the European Union.’

 ‘Bottled water globally generates 1.5 million tons of plastic waste each year. It’s the weight of 150 Eiffel towers.’

These big numbers are certainly scary. However, were you aware of these facts?

IYNF created for you sustainable infographics that will help you to reduce your footprint regarding the energy you consume, the food you buy and the ‘hidden’ water you use every day. This is also including guidelines and tips to travel more wisely and alternatives to the commercial way of shopping to minimize waste.

Here you can find the online version – http://docdro.id/fJWpxyC