Our second activity about e-participation with inspiring people from all over Europe was held in the lovely eco-center of Toulcův Dvůr, in Prague, from the 1-7 August. The aim of this training course was to develop competences on online activism and see how this can influence the world around us.



After a very enjoyable hike to discover the surroundings of the 10-hectar farm, while learning more about each participant. We started the activity by defining e-activism and identifying its role within e-participation. Following the process of activism, we made critical analyses on concrete examples of campaigns and movements like the Occupy Wall Street, the Arab Spring, Kony 2012, the Yes Man, among others, as well as we heard the story of an expert – Maati Monjib, a Moroccan journalist and activist that has been persecuted by the Moroccan government – who kindly joined us through a webinar.


Maati Monjib



A more practical component of the project came afterwards, with an exchange of skills and information to achieve a powerful online communication and successful campaigns. Through an open space, participants shared their skills on image and video editing, project management, social media tools, e-learning platforms, designing websites, among other competences.

Close to the end of the project, we were provided with insightful information and tips about online privacy and security, a trending topic with profound implications nonetheless.


After a very intense program, we ended “Act, react and e-act” inspiring and empowering the participants to transfer the many examples and information shared during the project to their own realities.


Our next international activity will be held in Macedonia, from 18-23 October. It will be a great opportunity to learn about youth project management and put into practice the knowledge gathered during this year on online participation, activism and social inclusion. There is 7 days left to apply! Find out more information here : http://goo.gl/0LSepK


More pictures of the project here.