Are you interested in climate change issues? Do you try to keep your environmental awareness always up-to-date and do everything you can to reduce your ecological footprint? Do you still feel that all your efforts will be meaningless if we humans don’t change entirely our approach to nature and society? Then you should stand with IYNF in our fight for climate justice and join our delegation at the COP22! 




This year the International Climate negotiations, organized traditionally each year by the United Nations, are taking place in Morocco – specifically in Marrakech – between 7-18 November.

This 22nd Session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is the first since the adoption of the Paris Agreement in December 2015 and will discuss preparations for the entry into force of the Paris Agreement, among other items.

IYNF is an active member of the European Youth Forum’s Climate Change Network and has the opportunity to join the European Youth Forum’s delegation, as an accredited NGO for the UNFCCC. The role of the delegates is to transmit messages on key social, youth and sustainable development aspects of climate change through interaction with decision-makers, concerted lobbying and other actions.

Young Naturefriends calls for participants to contribute together to the action for climate justice, who are interested to follow closely the conference and meet numerous other civil society organizations.



Please fill this form here until the 26th of September.

The European Youth Forum cannot provide any funding for participation in COP22. Therefore selected participants for the Youth Forum’s delegation will need to fund their own participation, including: transport to Marrakesh, accommodation and local transfers. IYNF is willing to support the selected delegates and help raise funds for their participation.



IMG_0026Activism has been an important facet of the Naturefriends movement since its origins in 1895 in Vienna. Founded by activists, it shifted rapidly in the first years, from an association for recreational and cultural activities of the working class, to an organization that strives to improve working conditions and the worker’s right to enjoy nature. Moved by strong ideological beliefs, the Naturefriends movement soon would gain meaning among the international workers’ movement and embrace universal causes like peace, social justice, democracy, equality and human rights. 120 years after the first spark it’s crucial to keep the fire burning…



Regarding the involvement in the UNFCCC, in 2013 IYNF participated in a mass mobilization at the COP19 in Warsaw and last year we filled a bus with activists who marched in the streets of  Paris and Brussels for the COP21. At the same time the IYNF President Thomas Gits attended the COP21 as an accredited delegate on behalf of the CCN.



The Climate Change Network is an initiative of the European Youth Forum which allows Member Organisations to discuss and consider joint actions related to climate change, especially focused in the UNFCCC framework.

More info about the European Youth Forum’s call for delegates here.


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