There are many side events during the COP23, UN Climate Change Conference 2017, and they all deal with climate change. Most of them though don´t take nature into account, even though healthy ecosystems and the protection of biodiversity is a basic need for climate change mitigation and adaptation. One event, which took place in the indigenous people´s pavilion, focused on “Promoting renewable energy deployment in harmony with nature” and was well attended.

The event pointed out the importance of renewable energies but also the importance to prevent trade-offs with nature.

Some examples were about Germany’s policy giving for example distances requirements for wind turbines to important habitats, woodland, maternity roots or protected areas for birds and other animals.

To protect bats from collision and baro trauma, wind turbines are shut-down during certain times and wind speed when bats are most active.

As offshore wind parks are increasing there are also new tools developed to measure noise distraction to marine wildlife due to construction and operation of these turbines.

The conclusion showed that ecosystems and biodiversity are not enough included in the processes of climate protection but the combat to climate change may only go in harmony with nature!

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by Janinka Lutze,

IYNF delegate in COP23 in Bonn, Germany.