‘Working with Migrants and Refugees – Guidelines, Tools and Methods’ is the outcome of the of the three events of the IYNF’s year of “Border-Free Solidarity”. During the second seminar “Be Border-free” in Frankfurt, Germany the met and interacted with young refugees, and with representatives of initiatives working with migrants. Through this fruitful exchange, they collected ideas, expertise, and knowledge about different methods and tools that can be used for migration-related youth work. In the final activity “Raise your Voice” the participants developed the collection of ideas into a tool in the shape of Guidelines. During that activity the participants looked at the topic of migration from a more political and abstract perspective which enabled them to structure the guidelines and make the connection to the topic of the year “Borderfree Solidarity” as well as to the position paper on this topic, which was created during the last activity and in the following weeks, visible . ‘Working with Migrants and Refugees – Guidelines, Tools and Methods’ is, thus, a collaborative effort of participants and facilitators working with refugees and migrants in different contexts.

The main target are organizations involved in youth work, which would like to include young refugees and migrants in their activities but lack the necessary expertise. However, the guidelines also include inspiring past projects and examples of ongoing projects for individuals who want to get involved but are unaware of existing initiatives. Therefore, it also aims to increase the understanding of the challenges and opportunities that migration brings to the youth work sector and international cooperation and to provide recommendations for good practices when working with young refugees and migrants.



Download the guidelines here!