NFI Annual Conference

19. – 21. October 2018, Vienna

IYNF was guest at the Naturefriends International (NFI) Annual Conference from 19.-21. October, taking place in Vienna.

Falko Blumenthal, Vice-President

Supported by IYNF Secretary General, Ondřej Bradáč, the Presidium visited its mother organization NFI at their Annual Conference. In a mix of diplomatic talk at the coffee machine, presentations of forest planting projects by Naturefriends Senegal, the visibility of Naturfriend houses and budget decisions, IYNF was able to claim:

We are active across all regions of Europe, we know conference proceedings as well as arguments in favour of sustainable life. We are an important partner of NFI and the Naturefriends organizations in different countries. Our work is based on the trust and money of people. Our budgets have to be transparent and our decisions have to be democratic. This is our responsibility as IYNF and is part of the deal.


Our host from Naturefriends Austria pointed this value out in their presentation: for more than hundred years now they build and maintain houses in the mountain side, provide sports education and ecological fair tourism for children, adults and the elderly, that are not the rich part of the society. On the other hand, Naturefriends in the Netherlands or in Italy emphasize the value of working together and prove the power of border-free solidarity.


Next steps for us as IYNF: Get active for the Naturefriends Landscape of the Year in the Gambia/Senegal and get back to the offers organizing activities in Romania and Finland.


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