Call for the board and audit commission members

Call for presidium members

The term of office of the current Presidium of International Young Naturefriends, composed currently of Tilo Podstatny-Scharf, Zoltan Lehozcki, Lisa Hofmann, Paria Bagheri Moghaddam and Valentina Varhelyi is coming to an end.

Each member of the Presidium has its priorities and worked on them over the past year. The priorities
during the year were:
● Monitoring and participation in the IYNF activities
● Partnerships and memberships
● Statutes Amendments
● External representation in the European Youth Forum, COP 25 or conferences of other youth
● To organise their own international projects

As the time given to the Presidium by the Statutes is slowly coming to an end, we would like to open a call for new Presidium members!

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for candidates for all positions – two presidents (at least one female) and at
least one vice-president. We would like to invite each Member Organization to nominate their
candidates for the IYNF Presidium.

Would you like to join the IYNF Presidium and are you:
● A Naturefriend?
● Ready to commit for a 2-year period?
● Interested and motivated to get active internationally?
● Experienced in youth work, preferably also with an international background?
● A team player who is also creative?
● Happy to take responsibility and leadership?
● Comfortable to communicate in English?
● Free for at least 3 Presidium Meetings per year as well as bi-weekly Skype meetings in the
● Willing to spend approx. 5 hours weekly with work related to steering IYNF?
● Ready for a big learning opportunity and an enriching experience?

Then please don’t hesitate to contact us at!

Also please consult your decision with your national Member Organization if they are willing to nominate you as their candidate. The nominations are to be submitted to the Secretariat until the 10th of July 2020, however, the formal deadline for the Presidium nominations is the midnight before the General Assembly.

As a Presidium member, you will be given the opportunity to:
● explore and develop your leadership skills in an international youth NGO
● improve your competencies to work in an intercultural team
● increase your strategic thinking
● work on the skills of your choice: from facilitation of meetings to training others, from project management to grant writing, from environmental- to amateur art- to human rights education
● work with motivated Naturefriends from all over Europe, whose ideas are supported by the
experienced members of the IYNF Secretariat located in Prague

We consider the time in the Presidium as a great learning opportunity. You are not expected to be able to do all this perfectly, neither at the beginning of your term nor after the 2 years finished. The essential thing is that you can imagine having fun and joy exploring those topics! If you have the will, we can support your learning in the fields you want.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Call for an Audit commission

IYNF is looking for two enthusiastic and experienced people for the role of the internal
auditors, starting after the General Assembly of 2020 until the General Assembly of 2022.

What is does it mean to be part of the audit commission of IYNF?
Two auditors will build together the IYNF audit commission. One of them will also join the NFI
audit commission.

What are the tasks of the Auditor and the Audit Commission of IYNF?
The task of the auditors is to monitor and examine all the financial bookkeeping and accounting
of IYNF. The Audit Commission reports to the Council and GA of IYNF, as well as to the
Annual Conference and Congress of NFI. It means that you will have to take part in at least one
or two physical meetings per year. One for IYNF (in Prague) and one for NFI (in Vienna).

What are we looking for?
People who want to commit to the position of Auditor and take this task with both hands. This
is crucial to help and support IYNF and its future existence.
Financial background and/or having experience in accountancy is required. However, we are
not expecting the auditor to have a master’s degree in economics, he*she will get the
opportunity to learn how the financial coordination of an NGO works from the internal

Being part of the Audit Commission is a volunteer position, although the costs
related to your duties (travel and accommodation) will be fully reimbursed.


How to apply?

Send an e-mail to until the 10th of July 2020, with the following information:

– Full name
– Birthday
– Member Organization
– Previous involvement in IYNF and/or NFI
– Motivational letter to become part of the Audit Commission
– Nice picture to connect a face with the solicitation