Which is the biggest challenge you have faced (or you are facing) since setting up this no-profit organization?

Keeping young members engaged and offering fun programs for families.

Which kind of reactions/feedbacks does the Organization receive?

People support our efforts in the field of environmental protection and enjoy being in nature with others who share the same values.

In your opinion, which role does the Organization play in local society and the life of young people?

Our chapters are a strong community for their members. The engagement in our organization gives purpose and supports the maintenance of social contacts.

Can you talk about the activities of the Organization during these years?

Our chapters organize over 1000 outdoor activities each year. The focus is always the shared experience of our natural world.

Can you share with us experiences and motivation, highlights, or something cool or inspiring you experienced during activities?

Sharing an outdoor adventure is always very bonding for all that were there. Experiencing nature is the foundation for our political environmental protection efforts and our involvement in climate alliances.

What’s next for the Organization?

Sharpening our public image and returning to be a more political voice.

Claudia Mazzocco

Deputy Managing Director 

Memberships / Marketing & Communication