In light of the recent escalation of violence between Israel and Hamas caused by the terror
attack by Hamas on 7.10.2023, we encourage all parties to participate in a constructive dialogue
and to act towards an immediate ceasefire and to fully respect the international human rights.
We urge all parties to cease hostilities immediately and allow for an unrestricted flow of
humanitarian aid, ensuring it reaches those in need.

We demand the immediate release of all civilians taken by Hamas as hostages. We emphasize that
safeguarding innocent lives and civilian infrastructures is of paramount necessity in times of war,
just as in times of peace. Civilists mustn’t be used as human shields.

As an international organization imbued in values of solidarity, we express support for
Muslim and Jewish communities affected by the horrors of war and the violence and threats on
open spaces as in social media. We distance ourselves from antisemitic and anti-Muslim
movements and advocate for the enforcement of the EU Digital Service Act to counter hate speech
on social media platforms.

Increases in antisemitism, anti-Muslim hatred, and discrimination have also led to
increased acts of racial profiling, harassment, and the disproportionate treatment of ethnic and
religious minorities by police authorities. Combating antisemitism and anti-Muslim hatred is every
State’s responsibility, and it is that of civil society and youth organizations to promote a safe
environment for all citizens. Every time racially motivated police violence increases, it particularly
affects young people.
Across Europe, we are seeing laws being proposed and imposed that restrict freedom of
assembly and association. Young people and youth organizations wanting to peacefully and safely

express their views are reporting an increased fear of reprisals from authorities. We demand young
people and youth organizations to be heard and taken seriously in the process of peacebuilding.
Civil society, including youth organizations and young people themselves, must be key actors in
the peace process.

To combat antisemitism, anti-Muslim hatred and racism youth organizations need
appropriate financial means. Therefore, we call on European institutions to supply youth
organizations with subventions sustainably replying to the current situation. That funds should
include extra programs for funding training courses at Shoah (Shoah stands for the holocaust and genocide of Jewish people under the Nazi regime memorials).
We demand a restart of the peace process between the State of Israel and the Palestinian
Authority supported by the international community. We call on the solidarity of the international
community to support diplomatic efforts for an immediate ceasefire and the safeguarding of
civilian lives.

We demand parties to privilege dialogue and diplomatic initiatives to address the conflict
that has been causing havoc for decades now and find a just solution that respects the rights and
aspirations of both Israelis and Palestinians. IYNF is guided by the goal of a two-state solutio
with two democratic states, Israel and Palestine, living side by side, in peace, with secure, safe,
and recognized borders allowing young people from these two states and other countries to prosper
toward a peaceful international community