As we await the official results, the first results of the EU elections reveal concerning news on the rise of far right politics across Europe. 

In France, the Rassemblement National, led by Jordan Bardella and Marine Le Pen, has exceeded expectations by winning the elections, with Eric Zemmour’s Reconquête also gaining significant ballots. Today, no one should ignore that the rise of far right movements have already posed significant threats to global peace in the past and challenges today values of democracy, unity and social cohesion.

In  the Netherlands and Germany,  a far-right  party  became the second  strongest power. 

In  Belgium, the right-wing Nieuw-Vlaamse Alliantie and the far-right Vlaams Belang  won over 40% in the  region of Flanders leading to the Prime  Minister to resign.
The idea that far-right movements have high chances of governing the country following the dissolution of the Parliament and upcoming elections is a huge alarm that demands immediate attention. Their ascension into governing bodies represents a backslide away from democratic principles and European cohesion. Far-right politics are built on fear and shallow nationalist rhetoric. These movements lack meaningful social welfare policies, environmental vision, social security measures, or policies benefiting the planet. Instead, their agendas involve perpetuating racism, stigmatizing vulnerable groups, and spreading hatred across Europe.

These discourses exacerbate political instability, insecurity, repression, and widening inequalities throughout Europe. Unfortunately, the media have been complicit in granting the far-right legitimacy by amplifying their racist narratives. This has been e.g. compounded by the French President’s inability to address urgent issues and his terrible decision making, which has led to widespread frustration.

We hereby urge all citizens and voters to unite against this growing influence.