Enrico Turci
European Solidarity Corps Volunteer

Hi there!

Here is Enrico, the new ESC volunteer for IYNF in Prague. I am from Italy, and I am excited to embark on this adventure abroad. I entered the Naturefriends world quite recently, in 2022, thanks to an amazing project I participated in at that time in Senegal, and I have been a member ever since. Even though I had not been part of a network before, my interest in environmentalism and social justice was already strong. The major novelty for me was the discovery of the non-formal education approach that we used during the activities, a challenging learning method that I had not really experienced before.

I have a strong passion for modern history, which has been my field of study at university. I see it as an intriguing way of interpreting the world we live in, even though the subject seems to look backward. The word “history” in ancient Greek was connected to the verb “to see,” or “to observe,” and those first historians were mostly travelers investigating their past and searching for explanations for what they saw and experienced at their time. The perfect combination of history and traveling, two main interests of mine.

Besides this, I love spending my time in nature, hiking in the mountains, running, and practicing sports. I am really into culture, be it books, movies, theatre, and occasionally museums and exhibitions as well. Table and board games are also one of my favorite ways to have a good time with friends, and to make new ones! People usually say I am a good listener, rather than very talkative, and I think that’s true. Yet, as my personality is quite curious and open-minded, it may happen that I bombard people with questions. But don’t be afraid!

My pleasure to meet you all!

Berg Frei,