Tamara Milovanović

I was born in Belgrade, the capital city of Serbia, in April 1993.

I am a student at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in my hometown and I have been interested in art since childhood, and it definitely marked my life. Art has helped me observe and analyze everything around me, and somehow I started noticing nature and from that moment I have been falling in love with it more and more every day.

Through photography I started researching everything I’m interested in which is in connection with nature.

I actively participate in the event organized by the World Wildlife Fund, “Earth Hour“, which aims to raise awareness about climate resources and the conservation of natural resources and I work on art projects, film festivals, street activism festivals, exhibitions etc.

We all depend on the nature, and I have realized that by participating in several youth exchange programs. I also realized that we do not care as much as we can, so I started thinking more about that problem and my goal is to be more active in that field.