• Connect and inspire

    Connect and inspire

    For young people in the educational fields of environment, outdoors, amateur arts and experiential learning. Promoting the values of respect, solidarity, equality, sustainability, and love and care for nature.

  • 2021 Activity Overview

    2021 Activity Overview

  • 45th anniversary of IYNF – PART ONE: IYNF 1975-1990

    45th anniversary of IYNF – PART ONE: IYNF 1975-1990

  • E-vol.vers - Get involved!

    E-vol.vers - Get involved!

    Online volunteering is flexible, easy, full of new learnings and still in support of a good purpose! Our online volunteers are learning while working and developing while supporting.

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Call for Finance Coordinator

International Young Naturefriends is a well-established international youth umbrella organization with more than 45-years of tradition and impact in more than 20 European countries. We are currently looking for a  part-time Finance Coordinator on a 470€ basis willing to...